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Hi People

This is the email sent today the 14th June 2010 to Martin Rees Secretary occasioned by the 2nd of his Reith Lectures. Only time will tell if the scientific community will start to badger the political elite to put the necessary finance in for RnD, and implementation of this low carbon energy system, currently being totally ignored in the reduce C02 emmissions programme, in favopur of Wind. The Northern Hemisphere has an abundance of rivers that it could utilize given the political will to do so.

Has Mr. Rees the courage to be outraged at its lack of utilization? Cos he has more clout than me. Maybe he might even call for a public inquiry into the Crazydave situation and the prejudice and criminal negligence with which the Welsh Assembly the UK parliament and the House of Lords has dealt with him? That would take bottle eh Crazydave? It sure would, nice to see in the South Wales Echo that the Equality Human Rights Commission is looking into bullying and harrassment of Vulnerable Adults pity they ignored you plight eh Crazydave? Wonder how they would feel if the youth prompted by the net door neighbour throwing rocks at their windows in 2004 would be happy to have him upsairs in their bedrooms crashing about while they tried to knap downstairs? which is ostensible what has occurred today and through the last week at my home.

Here is the email:

FAO Martin Rees

Hi Mr. Rees

I was hugely disappointed with the 2nd reith Lecture of yours delivered in my home city of Cardiff. For years I have been asking our political leaders both at the Welsh Assembly and Parliament. why aren't we using water wheel technology in fight against the rising Co2 emissions. Unfortunately for me they treat me like the village idiot and refuse to respond to any issue I have had the temerity to raise with them.

Unfortunately for me and for the general public. This is a known technology like Wind, yet it is consistently ignored not only by the political elite but the Media as well. I was glad to see that you mentioned the use of Solar from Africa on a large grid to Europe and yetr the vast array of rivers and tributaries that could be contributing to our energy generation are being ignored. Why? That is the 6 Billion Dollar question, why isn't there any RnD on this technology to maimise output from it?

I can only hope that you will ponder this and promote their use with the influence that you have. For a full list of blogs please go to where other sustainability issues and social reform questions are asked.

All the best David Gabriel aka Crazydave

You can send your own supportive email to Mr. Rees at For which I thank you. Oh to have 10p in every Pound that will be eventually raised from Water Wheel going into your bank account eh Crazydave. Oh yes that sure would be a blessing.

All the best People Crazydave is still on the case.


Hi People

seeing as Mr. Rees hasn't had the courtesy to reply to the first email I sent another with a comment placed on one of my youtube vids, I thought I post the email today.

This was sent on the 23rd June 2010 no automatic notice of receipt this time though.

Hello Ruth I wonder if you could pass this comment onto Martin Rees For me. It is somthing that has been placed on one of my youtube videos and shows how much energy a water wheel can produce. TheNineveh has made a comment on micro water wheels alternative energy:

@iamcrazydave My buddy runs a water wheel with only a Brook and its dimensions are roughly 8 feet in diameter and 2.5 feet wide and he runs 4 stages of belt driven pulleys to a 20 000 watt generator.

I am sure that others far wiser than me in maths and engineering could tell Martin the potential for carbon neutral energy that these systems could produce for the country, Europe and the Third World.

All the best David

end of update.

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